Panuveitis simulating ocular Behçet's in cases of chronic myelogenous leukaemia in remission

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We report two patients with chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) in remission phase who developed panuveitis simulating Behçet's disease. A 26-year-old man presented with bilateral panuveitis (hypopyon in the right eye, bilateral anterior segment inflammation, vitritis and retinitis). He was on imatinib for CML which was in remission. He gave a history of recurrent oral ulcers. The panuveitis responded to oral and topical steroids but recurred after the steroids were stopped. His ocular condition again stabilised on restarting oral steroids and azathioprine. The second patient, a 28-year-old man, presented with bilateral anterior segment inflammation, vitritis, exudative retinal detachment and hypopyon in the right eye. He was also on imatinib with the CML being in remission. The uveitis and exudative retinal detachment improved on systemic and topical steroids. The vision of this patient did not improve as optic atrophy ensued. The panuveitis seen in our patients with CML responded favourably to oral steroids/immunosuppressant therapy.

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