CytoCtrlAnalyser: a Cytoscape app for biomolecular network controllability analysis

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Studying the controllability of biomolecular networks can result in profound knowledge about molecular biological systems. However, there is no comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for analyzing controllability of biomolecular networks although various algorithms for analyzing complex network controllability have been proposed recently. In this application note, we develop the CytoCtrlAnalyser which is a Cytoscape app to provide a comprehensive platform for analyzing controllability of biomolecular networks. Nine algorithms have been integrated in CytoCtrlAnalyser. With network topologies and customized control settings imported into CytoCtrlAnalyser, users can identify the steering nodes which should be actuated by input control signals for achieving different control objectives as well as investigate the importance of nodes from different perspectives in the controllability of networks. CytoCtrlAnalyser offers a tool for many promising applications, such as identification of potential drug targets or biologically important nodes in biomolecular networks.

Availability and implementation

Freely available for downloading at

Supplementary information

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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