Positive Aspects of Caregiving and Caregiver Burden: A Study of Caregivers of Patients With Dementia

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Now positive aspect of caregiving (PAC) is well-defined as caregiver gains, satisfaction, meaningful life, and enhanced family relationship. The adjusted association of PAC and caregiver burden is not well acknowledged. This study investigated the association of caregiver burden and PAC adjusting for potential confounders.


This was a cross-sectional study that recruited 132 caregivers. A linear regression model with PAC was used to estimate the adjusted associations.


The caregiver burden was negatively associated with PAC (mean difference in PAC per a 1-unit increase in caregiver burden = −0.12, 95% confidence interval: −0.18 to −0.056; P < .001). This association remained after adjustment for caregivers’ age and marital status as well as patients’ dependency level.


The negative significant association of caregiver burden with PAC reinforces the need for interventional and/or educational programs aiming at decreasing the overall imposed burden. This can play an important role in improving caregivers’ general health and quality of life.

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