Weakness, Hypokalemia, and Dengue

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To the Editor:
Dear editor, the recent report by Maurya et al1 is very interesting. Maurya et al1 concluded that “dengue-associated acute hypokalemic paralysis is an underrecognized entity having favorable outcome. It should be suspected in patients presenting as acute pure motor quadriparesis after febrile illness in dengue endemic areas.” In fact, the dengue-associated neuromuscular complication is no uncommon and it might be the first presentation.2,3 In the tropical developing countries, the ruling out of possible adverse effect of the over-the-counter drug by dengue patient which might be the cause of hypokalemia is required.4 It is suggested that the basic laboratory investigation has to be performed for any newly diagnosed dengue patient. In addition, electrolyte imbalance is the main problem that needs closed monitoring for prevention during the management of the hospitalized patient by fluid replacement therapy.

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