Oral cancer databases: A comprehensive review

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Cancer database is a systematic collection and analysis of information on various human cancers at genomic and molecular level that can be utilized to understand various steps in carcinogenesis and for therapeutic advancement in cancer field. Oral cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality all over the world. The current research efforts in this field are aimed at cancer etiology and therapy. Advanced genomic technologies including microarrays, proteomics, transcrpitomics, and gene sequencing development have culminated in generation of extensive data and subjection of several genes and microRNAs that are distinctively expressed and this information is stored in the form of various databases. Extensive data from various resources have brought the need for collaboration and data sharing to make effective use of this new knowledge. The current review provides comprehensive information of various publicly accessible databases that contain information pertinent to oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and databases designed exclusively for OSCC. The databases discussed in this paper are Protein-Coding Gene Databases and microRNA Databases. This paper also describes gene overlap in various databases, which will help researchers to reduce redundancy and focus on only those genes, which are common to more than one databases. We hope such introduction will promote awareness and facilitate the usage of these resources in the cancer research community, and researchers can explore the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer, which can help in subsequent crafting of therapeutic strategies.

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