Development of a fidelity scale for Danish specialized early interventions service

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The efficacy of the Specialized Early Intervention (SEI) treatment in Denmark, the OPUS treatment, has in a randomized clinical trial proved to be very effective compared to treatment as usual, and the dissemination of SEI services is increasing in Denmark. A prerequisite for upholding positive effects along with creating new teams and preserving critical components is to ensure fidelity to the model. Currently there is no Danish fidelity scale for SEI services.


To establish a fidelity scale for SEI teams, in a brief and easily manageable form, for the use of evaluating and assessing the critical components in Danish SEI services.


We identified essential evidence-based components of SEI services internationally and interviewed experts from five Danish SEI teams, using an adapted version of the Delphi Consensus method.


An 18-point fidelity scale was constructed. The scale was divided into two dimensions: one relating to the structure of the SEI team and one relating to the character and content of the SEI treatment. Each component can be rated either 1 or 0 (1 point = fulfilling the requirements for the components; and 0 point = the requirements were not met). The maximum score was a total of 18 points with 5 of the components being mandatory.


The development of the fidelity scale is an important tool for securing the quality of SEI treatment in Denmark.

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