Measles vaccination status of nurses and associated factors during community measles outbreaks

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To identify the measles vaccination status of nurses, their knowledge and health beliefs about measles, and the associated factors that influence their measles vaccination status during a community measles outbreak in South Korea.


The participants were 156 nurses from four hospitals in a region where a community measles outbreak occurred.


The measles vaccination rate of the nurses was 73.7%. The nurses’ health belief score about measles was 2.44 out of 4 and their knowledge score was 73.85 out of 100. The associated factors that influenced the nurses’ measles vaccination status included their experience of caring for patients with measles and a low level of perceived barriers to vaccination.


In order to encourage an increased measles vaccination rate in nurses, hospitals should screen susceptible nurses and offer vaccination. Effective measles vaccination campaigns and educational programs are also required in hospitals.

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