Is Osteoplasty With Unilateral Osteotomy Effective in the Correction of the Crooked Nose?

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The crooked nose is frequently observed, and a significant number of correction methods have previously been described. Nevertheless, the condition remains a challenging problem for rhinoplastic surgeons. Here, the authors present a technique that the authors have used to correct a crooked nose in selected patients.


A total of 23 patients underwent surgery for a C-shaped crooked nose, and were followed up for an average of 11.4 months. Pre- and postoperative photographs were taken, and these were analyzed to evaluate the results.


Osteoplasty and unilateral osteotomy were carried out in all 23 patients and a spreader graft was contralaterally placed. Unilateral osteoplasty was conducted in 17 patients, while bilateral osteoplasty was performed in 6 patients. In 19 patients, a single spreader graft was sufficient, but it was necessary to use a double spreader graft in 4 patients. In summary, 23 C-shaped crooked noses were corrected with osteoplasty plus unilateral osteotomy.


Osteoplasty plus unilateral osteotomy, combined with a contralateral spreader graft, is an efficient method that can be safely used in the correction of a C-shaped crooked nose.

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