Rapid Explantation of Rapid-Deployment Sutureless Valve in Case of Acute Endocarditis: How to Remove Safely Sutureless Perceval S Prostheses

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We report a case of infective endocarditis on a Perceval S aortic valve bioprosthesis, and we describe a feasible and useful technique that can help remove the infected valve. These maneuvers consist of an “x-movement” reached with the aid of anatomical forceps. The risk of infective endocarditis in patients with prosthetic valves is a well-known phenomena in cardiac surgery, and it can represent a life-threatening event in many cases. According to guidelines, an emergency surgical intervention is required in case of high risk of embolization, vegetation superior than 1 cm or acute cardiac failure secondary to the acute valve dysfunction. In the reported case, the patient was submitted to emergency surgery because of vegetation with diameter superior to 1 cm on the aortic bioprosthesis. The described “x-movement” technique allowed an easily “en block” excision of the damaged bioprostheses together with vegetation, minimizing the risk of vegetation fragmentation.

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