Radiographic features of congenital segmental dilation of the intestine in a german shepherd dog.

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A 10-week-old spayed female German Shepherd Dog was presented for acute vomiting and diarrhea. There was no reported foreign body or toxin ingestion. Radiographs showed a severely (∼11 × 7 cm), focally distended right abdominal intestinal segment containing gas and soft tissue material. Other small intestinal segments were segmentally gas distended. Celiotomy identified a ∼9 cm focally dilated segment at the jejunoileal junction with no aborad luminal obstruction. Resection and anastomosis of the dilation was performed. Histopathology showed mild mucosal inflammation, but otherwise normal wall layering and autonomic ganglia. Radiographic and histopathologic findings were consistent with congenital segmental dilation of the intestine.

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