Investigation of 2 Prototypes of Novel Noncontact Technologies for Automated Real-Time Capture of Incremental Drug Administration Data From Syringes

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We share Dr Webster’s concerns regarding human factors and the high incidence of drug substitution error. Dr Webster correctly points out that our device is a record keeper rather than a drug identity check system, and therefore it is not designed to prevent drug substitution errors.
Prevention of substitution errors and drug dose logging are 2 different problems that occur at different stages of the workflow. Patient identity must be confirmed and dose calculation made before the drug is administered; however, logging of the administered dose can only be performed after administration of the drug.
We do not suggest that use of our device should replace an identity check before drug administration and therefore disagree with the suggestion that our device would increase the risk of drug substitution errors or that it “solves 1 problem only to create another.”
Our device is an early proof of concept prototype to demonstrate that it is feasible to create an automated system for logging administered drug doses using existing technologies. In future design iterations, we would hope to shorten the read time, improve the ergonomics, and perhaps also combine the dose logging function with a preadministration identity check to prevent substitution error.
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