Comparison of the Effects of Benson Muscle Relaxation and Nature Sounds on the Fatigue in Patients With Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

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This study was conducted with the aim of comparing the effects of Benson muscle relaxation and nature sounds on fatigue in patients with heart failure. Fatigue and exercise intolerance as prevalent symptoms experienced by patients with heart failure can cause the loss of independence in the activities of daily living. It can also damage self-care and increase dependence to others, which subsequently can reduce the quality of life. This randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted in an urban area of Iran in 2016. Samples were consisted of 105 hospitalized patients with heart failure chosen using a convenience sampling method. They were assigned to relaxation, nature sounds, and control groups using a randomized block design. In addition to routine care, the Benson muscle relaxation and nature sounds groups received interventions in mornings and evenings twice a day for 20 minutes within 3 consecutive days. A 9-item questionnaire was used to collect data regarding fatigue before and after the interventions. Relaxation and nature sounds reduced fatigue in patients with heart failure in comparison to the control group. However, no statistically significant difference was observed between the interventions. Benson muscle relaxation and nature sounds are alternative methods for the reduction of fatigue in patients with heart failure. They are inexpensive and easy to be administered and upon patients' preferences can be used by nurses along with routine nursing interventions.

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