Volumetric Analysis of 700 Mandibular Condyles Based Upon Cone Beam Computed Tomography

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The authors’ aim was to provide volumetric data of mandibular condyles based upon cone beam computed tomography with the means of semiautomatic segmentation.

Retrospective chart review of 350 patients (700 mandibular condyles) with cone beam computerized tomography between February 2007 and December 2016. Univariate analysis was performed to analyze associations between variables. P values <0.05 were considered significant. Volume measurement was performed in a semiautomatic segmentation method with the program “ITK-Snap.”

The mean volume was 2.443 cm3 for the right condyle and 2.278 cm3 for the left condyle. Bivariate analysis indicated a highly significant difference between the volume of the left and right condyles (P < 0.01). Female had a significant smaller condyle volume than male (P < 0.01 left condyle; P < 0.01 right condyle). Volume and age did not significantly correlate (P = 0.939 right condyle; P = 0.798 left condyle).

A detailed assessment of the volume of mandibular condyles with cone beam computed tomography can help to assess pathophysiological alterations.

Hence, the volumetric measurement may improve patient's individualized treatment.

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