Novel use of a trabecular metal spacer in the treatment of a long-standing ulnar fracture non-union

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The use of trabecular metal (TM) implants in spine and joint surgery is well documented. However, their use has yet to be reported as an alternative to either allograft or autograft in the management of fracture non-unions. We present our experience in using a TM implant for treating a patient with a long-standing ulnar fracture non-union. Excision of devitalised bone resulted in a 17 mm defect which the TM implant was used to infill. The defect was then bridged with a locking plate. At 2-year clinical and radiographic review, bony union and a pain-free return to full function was noted. In this case, the use of a TM implant avoided the morbidity associated with an iliac crest autograft.

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