Effect of age and body mass index on the yield of stromal vascular fraction

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The aim of this study was to determine the influence of age, body mass index, and site of liposuction on the cell yield of SVF.


A prospective study was performed on 58 patients. The average age was 39 years old, with BMI ≤ 25 or BMI ≥ 25. Fat tissue was harvested from the abdominal region, flanks, or thighs and SVF was isolated.


The yield of viable SVF was evaluated by trypan blue, and the markers of stem cells were evaluated by flow cytometry. The cells were positive for stem cells markers, the age, sex of the patient had no impact on SVF cell yield with an average of 1.17 × 10^8. However, the BMI > 25 had resulted in higher cell numbers, and the harvest site had a significant impact on cell yield with abdomen being the site of interest.


These data demonstrate that the age of the person does not affect the cell yield of SVF; nevertheless, the donor site and BMI might be important factors in affecting cell number.

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