Intraventricular melanocytoma diagnosis confirmed by gene mutation profile

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Primary leptomeningeal melanocytic tumors (PLMTs) are rare. They usually arise along the spinal cord and at the skull base. Here we report on a patient with a very rare intraventricular melanocytoma. Histologically, a melanocytic tumor was clearly diagnosed. However, to make the uncommon diagnosis of an intraventricular melanocytoma, metastatic melanoma needed to be excluded. Next generation sequencing covering gene mutations that may occur in PLMTs and cutaneous melanoma was performed. The unique gene mutation profile detected, consisting of an activating CYSLTR2 L129Q mutation and EIF1AX G9R mutation and a lack of mutations in genes known to occur in metastatic melanoma (i.e. BRAF or NRAS) confirmed the diagnosis of an intraventricular melanocytoma. This case report is the second intraventricular melanocytoma published to date and demonstrates the value of applying novel genetic assays to make this diagnosis.

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