The Impact of Work Ability on Work Motivation and Health - A Longitudinal Study Based on Older Employees

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Work participation is determined by work motivation and work ability with health as a significant component. Within the lidA-study we explore the impact of work ability on work motivation and health with consideration of further influencing factors.


4,109 older employees were interviewed two times (t0 = 2011, t1 = 2014). Two multivariate analyses were performed regarding the influence of work ability on work motivation (Model 1) and health (Model 2).


Within the multivariate analysis, of all influencing factors work ability has the strongest effect on work motivation (F = 37.761) and health (F = 76.402). It appears as a decisive determinant for both dimensions.


Conclusions: Regarding the results it is useful to focus on the work ability of older employees in order to maintain and boost their work motivation and health.

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