Otitis media with effusion in the boxer: a report of seven cases.

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The aim of this study was to describe otitis media with effusion in seven boxers. All dogs presented with a range of clinical signs, which included head shaking, neurological dysfunction, pain on opening of the mouth and reduction in hearing ability. Otitis media was confirmed under general anaesthesia in each case by video-otoscopic identification of a bulging pars tensa and subsequent myringotomy, which revealed a tenacious mucus plug within the middle ear. Brainstem auditory evoked response thresholds were elevated in all affected ears. In three cases, CT revealed soft tissue opacity in the affected bulla. All of the affected middle ears were flushed using warm sterile saline to remove the mucus. A combination of glucocorticoid and antibiotic in EDTA tris was instilled into the middle ears. After the initial middle ear flush under general anaesthesia, topical therapy was applied into the ear canals daily by the owners using the same combination of drugs. Dembrexine, a systemic mucolytic, was administered with food daily. Six out of seven dogs were also prescribed oral prednisolone. In each case, the middle ear effusion was sterile. All clinical signs resolved with treatment, with the exception of facial paralysis in two dogs. Otitis media with effusion should be considered a cause of otitis media in boxers.

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