Survey Results from the Philippines: NPUAP Changes in Pressure Injury Terminology and Definitions

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OBJECTIVE:To determine the opinions of healthcare clinicians in the Philippines regarding the 2016 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) terminology changes and revised staging definitions.DESIGN AND SETTING:A survey methodology was used in Manila, Philippines. Convenience samples of healthcare clinicians of varying disciplines and employment settings were invited to participate in this research.INTERVENTIONS:A survey was administered at key intervals regarding the revised NPUAP terminology changes and revised staging definitions. The survey was administered before and after an interactive, basic 2-day wound course was conducted.MAIN RESULTS:Results revealed strong support for the 2016 NPUAP terminology change from pressure ulcer to pressure injury and the revised staging definitions.CONCLUSIONS:Since the NPUAP changed its terminology and revised the staging definitions, the wound care community has been responding to those changes. Because pressure injuries are a global health concern, the opinions of clinicians outside the United States are equally valuable. The healthcare clinicians in the Philippines surveyed appear to embrace the new terminology changes and revised staging definitions put forth by the NPUAP.

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