Osseous Myopericytoma Simulating a Giant Cell Tumor of Bone: A Case Report

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Myopericytoma is a benign perivascular myoid neoplasm that typically presents in the dermal and subcutaneous soft tissues of the distal aspect of the extremities. These types of tumor form a clinicopathological spectrum with myofibromas, angiopericytomas, angioleiomyomas, and glomus tumors. Intraosseous myopericytomas are exceptionally rare, and to our knowledge, no cases of myopericytoma involving long bones previously have been described. We present a case of myopericytoma occurring in the distal aspect of the femur of a 36-year-old man.


This case report describes a unique location of this tumor, which demonstrates that myopericytomas have a more diverse tropism than previously indicated.

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