Service to the Greater Good

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We define community in many ways: our immediate family and friends, our neighborhood, or a group of common interested citizens. Service to our communities, regardless of definition, requires giving of self to the greater good, however defined. This ideal of the “greater good” can get lost in our current focus on narrower interests. I had the opportunity to participate this past week in the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy's strategic planning meeting in Alexandria, Virginia. A group of 32 individuals gave many days to the greater good of creating and maintaining direction for our Academy and its goals. These goals serve the greater good of providing service to children and families, providing educational opportunities for professionals and families, and generating the scientific foundation for the evidence for practice. The executive committee, committee chairs, special interest group chairs, regional directors, and other leaders of our Academy came together to create a plan for the future. Thinking, debating, and building consensus created a plan for the next years. Our thanks for their contributions.
One accomplishment of a previous strategic plan was the purchase, from the publisher, of the title of our journal, Pediatric Physical Therapy. I am pleased to announce that the purchase of the title is complete, and the Academy now owns the title as we move forward. Our collective thanks and praise must be showered upon Ann Van Sant, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, for her vision, tremendous fundraising energy and efforts to purchase the journal. Thank you, Ann! Thanks also to Joe Schreiber for the long hours of negotiation, and to Cindy Miles and Cindy Silwa for closing the deal. This was a sustained effort toward a greater good that required us to stay the course and achieve this important purchase. Congratulations to all!
I am pleased to also announce additions to our editorial team. We have added two members to the Editorial Board: Dr. Stacey Dusing, Virginia Commonwealth University and Dr. Mary Gannotti, University of Hartford. Dr. Dusing and Dr. Gannotti have served Pediatric Physical Therapy for many years as reviewers and continue to contribute to the greater good for children and families. We have created a new position for our editorial team: Digital Media Editor (DME). Dr. Kendra Gagnon will serve as the first DME. Dr. Gagnon has served the Academy for the past 4 years as the Chairman of the Communications Committee and brings her expertise and enthusiasm to our new adventures into digital media. We plan to bring the journal content to you more rapidly and in forms that allow our readers easy access to PPT.
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