Development of poloxamer gel formulations via hot-melt extrusion technology

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Poloxamer gels are conventionally prepared by the “hot” or the “cold” process. But these techniques have some disadvantages such as high energy consumption, requires expensive equipment and often have scale up issues. Therefore, the objective of this work was to develop poloxamer gels by hot-melt extrusion technology. The model drug selected was ketoprofen. The formulations developed were 30% and 40% poloxamer gels. Of these formulations, the 30% poloxamer gels were selected as ideal gels. DSC and XRD studies showed an amorphous nature of the drug after extrusion. It was observed from the permeation studies that with increasing poloxamer concentration, a decrease in drug permeation was obtained. Other studies conducted for the formulations included in-vitro release studies, texture analysis, rheological studies and pH measurements. In conclusion, the hot-melt extrusion technology could be successfully employed to develop poloxamer gels by overcoming the drawbacks associated with the conventional techniques.

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