Another Historic Step Forward

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The Yellow Journal takes another historic step forward with this issue. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary year by expanding the publication of JAAOS to twice a month—the same high quality, the same names you recognize and trust, but with increased timeliness in recognition of the service we provide our Academy members and Journal readers. We have undertaken this important step following much internal discussion concerning the rapidly changing landscape of orthopaedic publishing. We are here to serve our members and readers, and advancing publication to the first and fifteenth of every month provides you with the best we have to offer twice as frequently.
When the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons debuted as a bimonthly, clinical peer-reviewed journal in September 1993, it was with the mission of improving patient care by offering orthopaedic surgeons and other musculoskeletal providers the most current, trusted information available on musculoskeletal conditions. That mission endures. We remain today the most-read orthopaedic journal in the world (based on the most recent Kantar Media Medical/Surgical Readership Study in Orthopaedic Surgery).
We have achieved and maintained this gold-level excellence by continually taking steps forward on your behalf. The Yellow Journal of 1993 now appears in two more colors—Green and Blue. The core of JAAOS Yellow has been and remains review articles, but in December 2015, we successfully launched JAAOS Research—the green section, overseen by former JAAOS Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD. JAAOS Green has been a phenomenal success.
Early in 2017, we launched our so-called Blue Journal—JAAOS Global Research & Reviews—the official open access journal of the AAOS, and an additional success for your Academy. Our International Advisory Board comprises representatives from the orthopaedic communities in seven countries on four continents. These experts provide insight on the educational needs of your fellow orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, assist in identifying potential authors and peer reviewers internationally, and serve as a sounding board on the success of JAAOS Global in serving its audience.
Over the years, my predecessors—John Frymoyer, MD, the late Alan Levine, MD, William Cooney, MD, and Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD—and I have made certain that JAAOS has continually adapted itself to your changing needs and requirements. Very early, we began to include articles on diagnostic and therapeutic advances in our field and published regular columns to keep you abreast of the online expansion of orthopaedic medicine and publishing. We have included basic science articles that offer insights into the future clinical applications of lab bench investigations and have published supplements on a host of topics, from our Extremity War Injuries extra issues to our most recent addition, Strategies to Improve Total Knee Arthroplasty, produced in partnership with the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. We provide fully accredited CME offerings and the very popular JAAOS Plus webinars. And with more and more material being made available online, our Online Exclusive program allows authors to present their studies as quickly as possible. All of these advances, and many others, are testimony to our continuing leadership position in orthopaedics.
In previous editorials discussing the advancements the Yellow Journal has made and continues to make, I have been sure to remind each of us of the words that the Journal’s first Editor-in-Chief, John W. Frymoyer, MD, stated in his inaugural editorial. JAAOS was launched to answer three important questions.
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