“Unwrap the Brain With Rap”

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It’s time to learn about neuroanatomy
The scary stuff that makes you cry “Mommy!”
Here is a picture of the brain just for you (Fig 1)
Now color the four lobes: red, orange, green, and blue.
Their names of course are familiar to you all
Frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital.
A very important structure in the brain
The central sulcus is its name.
Like the Mississippi that’s so awesome,
A big river running from the top to the bottom.
In front of this sulcus you will find
The frontal lobe with the parietal behind.
The Sylvian fissure, runs from front to back
Between parietal and temporal—like a big crack.
Imagine this fissure
To be the Rio Grande river,
Lined with beautiful cottonwood trees
A dividing line between two countries.
The occipital lobe is a bit arbitrary
There is no distinct boundary.
There is a notch at the bottom and a sulcus up top
You join the two and that’s what you got.
Anything behind this line
If you call occipital, you’ll be fine.
So let’s do a quick recap
We don’t want a knowledge gap.
Central sulcus is like the Mississippi.
When you know this, it makes things easy.
The Sylvian fissure is like the Rio Grande,
The famous river where jet skis are banned.
Now let’s take the cotton out of our earlobes
And hear about the frontal lobes.
There are four regions here to talk about,
Take a moment now, to read them out.
Broca’s area and motor cortex,
The frontal eye fields and premotor cortex (Fig 1).
The motor cortex is easy to see,
It’s the anterior bank of our Mississippi.
A thin strip of brain, not very wide,
Controls arm and leg on the opposite side.
If this part of the brain receives an insult,
Paralysis of the opposite side will result (contralateral hemiplegia)
An interesting thing for me to point out
Is this picture of the brain with the face in a pout (Fig 2)
The body parts are arranged in this strange way
That indicates where the corresponding neurons stay
So a medial lesion will make the leg weak
A lateral lesion affects the arm—and how you speak (motor homunculus)
In the frontal lobe above the Sylvian fissure
A very important area resides here
This is named after famous Paul Broca
Who was a French surgeon whose name rhymes with mocha
If there is a lesion in this area
The patient can’t speak well but he sure can hear ya
It’s easy to make a diagnosis.
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