Psychometric Evaluation of the Persian Translation of the Thalassemia-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire.

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There is no Persian scale for assessing the quality of life of patients with thalassemia major. Thus, this study was conducted to translate and validate the 36-item thalassemia-specific Transfusion-Dependent Quality of Life (TranQoL) questionnaire.


The questionnaire was first translated into Persian and then was backward-translated into English. Afterward, panels of experts commented on the Persian translation, and then its face validity was confirmed and content validity index (CVI) and content validity ratio (CVR) were calculated. The factorial structure and the reliability of the translated questionnaire were assessed using exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and internal consistency method, respectively.


The CVI and CVR of the questionnaire were .95 and .84, respectively. Five items were deleted during EFA, and 9 factors were extracted from the 31 remaining items. The reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed through a Cronbach's alpha coefficient of .9.


The Persian translation of the TranQoL questionnaire is highly reliable and valid, and thus, it can be used as a specific measure for assessing the quality of life among patients with thalassemia.

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