Calcium channel autoimmunity: Cerebellar ataxia and lambert-eaton syndrome coexisting.

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Neuronal calcium channel antibodies are a biomarker of Lambert-Eaton syndrome (LES) and cerebellar ataxia. We have encountered several patients with LES and cerebellar ataxia coexisting, and we sought to further define this association.


We reviewed records of patients at our institution with a diagnosis of "Lambert-Eaton syndrome" and "cerebellar ataxia."


Seventeen patients were identified with LES and ataxia. Presenting symptoms were weakness (8), concurrent weakness and ataxia (4), ataxia (4), and other (1). Nine patients had small-cell lung carcinoma, 3 of whom had survival greater than 100 months. Immunotherapy responses were best among patients without cancer. Nine of 17 (53%) patients were alive at last follow-up (median survival 62 months; range, 8-240).


Calcium channel autoimmunity should be considered in patients with coexisting cerebellar ataxia and myasthenic weakness. Affected patients may survive small-cell carcinoma or have immunotherapy-responsive neurological symptoms. Muscle Nerve, 2018.

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