Commitment and a sense of humanity for the adaptation of patients during hospital care.

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To develop a nursing practice model for the Clinic of the University of the La Sabana that supports the adaptive process of patients during and after their hospital experience.


This is a descriptive, methodological study implemented in different phases: (1) characterization of the context, (2) identification of the need for a nursing practice model for strengthening care, (3) literature review, (4) description of the model, and (5) validation.


The context of a university hospital and international trends in the development of a professional nursing discipline require theoretical guidance for the ongoing improvement of the practice of nursing. The decision to apply Roy's conceptual model of adaptation clarifies the need for a complementary nursing practice model that brings this macro theory closer to the assistance reality. It is also necessary to make the vocation of service, knowledge and leadership of nursing visible whenever the human adaptive process is a priority.


The University of La Sabana nursing practice model is a model focused on the commitment and humane treatment for the adaptation of patients during hospital care. It represents a consensus on the essentials of the nursing practice, which seek to support the adaptive process in order to have more comprehensive welfare and consequent improvement of the patient.

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