Repeat MitraClip for early recurrent mitral regurgitation.

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Treatment for recurrent mitral regurgitation (MR) after MitraClip therapy remains a challenging issue. This study reports the efficacy of repeat MitraClip therapy for recurrent MR during the early phase after the index MitraClip procedure. We present a case series of four consecutive patients who underwent repeat MitraClip procedures for severe recurrent MR during the early phase. Partial clip detachment (PCD) was the suspected cause of recurrent MR in these cases. All patients received additional clip(s). PCD could be stabilized and MR grade improved in all cases compared with that before the second procedure. Repeat MitraClip procedures for recurrent MR due to PCD are feasible during the early phase. However, patients having PCD with paracommissural MR may not be good candidates for repeat MitraClip.

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