Regeneration of a Completely Transected Sciatic Nerve with Use of a Bioabsorbable Nerve Conduit Filled with Collagen with a 14-Year Follow-up: A Case Report

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A 65-year-old man with a completely transected left sciatic nerve at the buttock received an implant with a bioabsorbable nerve conduit over a 20-mm gap. The conduit was filled with collagen to facilitate nerve regeneration. At 4 years after implantation, reinnervation potentials were detected in the muscles, and there was sensory recovery in the reinnervated areas. Thereafter, motor and sensory function recovered gradually over a 14-year period.


Mixed nerve regeneration after conduit-based reconstruction was demonstrated objectively. Although it took >4 years for motor and sensory functions to be regained, the nerve connection between the buttock and the foot was restored.

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