Introducing JBJS Clinical Classroom on NEJM Knowledge+

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Adult learning theory has progressed substantively in the last decade. With this progress came the realization that old models of standardized adult evaluative testing were not time-efficient and were stressful and boring. We at JBJS have long understood that orthopaedic surgeons have a commitment to their patients and society to remain knowledgeable about the ever-changing scientific and clinical information in their field. As we expanded our CME efforts in the last decade to remain relevant to current orthopaedic practice, we searched for a partner who could keep us in the forefront of adult learning theory and practical delivery of content. That search came to fruition in 2016, when we and The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) agreed to join forces on their NEJM Knowledge+ platform.
NEJM Knowledge+ utilizes adaptive-learning technology—developed by Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD, Khurram Jamil, MD, and colleagues at Area9 Learning—to enable users to efficiently expand and improve their knowledge in areas where there are gaps and not waste time in areas where it is solid. The NEJM Group in partnership with Area9 launched this product line 3 years ago and now has offerings for practitioners in internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. Now, with the rollout of JBJS Clinical Classroom on NEJM Knowledge+, we are proud to offer it to orthopaedic surgeons.
On JBJS Clinical Classroom, you begin by responding to a broad range of questions, all written by experts in their subject areas under the direction of JBJS section editors. Then, on the basis of your correct and incorrect answers, your self-reported confidence, and several other factors, you are directed to topics that you most need to review and away from what you already know. The system has multiple formats for interaction that go well beyond standard multiple-choice questions. Using state-of-the-art adult learning theory, the program keeps you learning until you have demonstrated proficiency in each subject area and then uses similar cognitive science to help you remember it all. You receive immediate feedback along with resources for delving deeper into the peer-reviewed literature on each particular topic. You can also provide feedback yourself, by challenging responses and offering additional peer-reviewed references, so that JBJS Clinical Classroom can continuously improve.
We believe that JBJS Clinical Classroom is the most efficient and effective way to study for initial credentialing and maintenance of certification examinations, earn CME credits, and periodically refresh your knowledge to provide the best possible patient care. It is relevant for learners at all levels of career development from residency to retirement. It is even entertaining!
We are confident that JBJS Clinical Classroom on NEJM Knowledge+ will be a significant improvement over traditional examinations and be far more convenient than leaving your busy practice to attend CME courses with traditional lecture formats. We invite you to explore this latest advance in adult learning in the field of orthopaedics and take advantage of our charter offers.
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