Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma Associated With Dental Implants

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Peripheral giant cell granuloma (PGCG) is a nonneoplastic lesion of the oral mucosa arising on the buccal or lingual attached gingiva or alveolar mucosa and the crest of the edentulous alveolar ridge and contains numerous giant cells. This case series describes 3 cases regarding the clinical and surgical management of PGCG associated with dental implants.

Materials and Methods:

This case series presents 3 patients, mean age 36 years, who showed a pedunculated painless lesion associated with dental implants that radiographically appeared as an osseous rarefaction corresponding the implants.


Histological examination provided the diagnosis of PGCG. The treatment approach consisted in a surgical complete resection of the lesion and implant removal. After 1-year-follow-up, all the investigated cases did not show signs of recurrence.


A correct diagnosis and an appropriate surgical treatment of peri-implant giant cell granuloma are very important aspects for proper management of the lesion.

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