Simplified Treatment of Over- and Under-Corrected Blepharoptosis Surgery

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Over- and under-corrections of blepharoptosis procedures are a realistic expectation. If these are significant, then further surgery is needed. However, if there is a minimal upper eyelid over-correction, stretching of the upper eyelid, as previously reported, is frequently all that is necessary.1 If this is ineffective, then doing a small lateral tarsorrhaphy can create the illusion of a smaller eye and create the appearance of eyelid symmetry (Fig. 1A,B). If there is a small under-correction of upper eyelid ptosis surgery, then opening the lateral canthus and elongating the horizontal palpebral fissure with a lateral canthotomy and reconstruction of the temporal upper and lower eyelids can create the illusion of a larger eye and the appearance of eyelid symmetry (Fig 2A,B).2 The same principals can be applied to eyelid asymmetry, from other etiologies. This report is adherent to the tenets of the Declaration of Helsinki and is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant. Consent was obtained for use of photograph.
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