Shared Passion at the Nexus of Nursing Informatics, Systems, Policy, and Research: Midwest Nursing Research Society Advances the State of the Science

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The Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS), one of the largest research societies for nurses, facilitates intradisciplinary exchanges and collaboration. An important way this is done is through research interest groups or RIGs. The MNRS currently has 20 RIGs including the Health Systems, Policy and Informatics (HSPI) RIG. The membership of the HSPI RIG spans the continuum of nursing scientists from student researchers to Fulbright scholars, fellows in the American Academy of Nursing, and fellows in the American College of Medical Informatics who address critical needs for new knowledge in informatics. In this article, we highlight a sampling of the recent published work of HSPI RIG researchers in five areas of nursing informatics research: (1) usefulness and usability of health information technologies (HITs), (2) data science methods, (3) quality and safety in healthcare, (4) social and behavioral determinants of health, and (5) physical and environmental determinants of health.
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