Pediatric kidney transplantation and mortality: Distance to transplant center matters

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Distance from pediatric kidney transplant centers may be a significant barrier in accessing care for patients and families, particularly due to the lower number of pediatric kidney transplant centers compared with the number of adult centers. We performed a retrospective cohort study using data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients to determine the effect of distance on pediatric kidney transplant waitlist outcomes. We found that distance did not play a role in the likelihood of transplantations for patients who were placed on the waitlist. However, living a greater distance from the transplant center was associated with a greater risk of death while on the waitlist. Larger volume centers attracted patients from greater distances, many of whom had other centers closer to their home. Further investigation on the role of distance to transplant center and the likelihood of being evaluated and listed for a kidney transplant would elucidate whether there are additional barriers these patients face.

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