Lipid profile and cytokines in hypertension of pregnancy: A comparison of preeclampsia therapies.

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Hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy can be classified as gestational hypertension, mild preeclampsia, and severe preeclampsia. It is necessary to evaluate and predict the grade in advance. The first study comprised 40 healthy pregnancies, 40 gestational hypertension, 40 mild preeclampsia, and 40 severe preeclampsia cases. The participants' lipid profile and cytokine levels were statistically compared. The efficacy and safety of oral nifedipine (n = 71) and intravenous labetalol (n = 72) for the treatment of severe preeclampsia were evaluated in the next study according to maternal and neonatal outcomes. The levels of lipid profile and cytokines were linked with the presence and severity of hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy. Both oral nifedipine and intravenous labetalol are effective for safely reducing blood pressure to target levels in patients with severe preeclampsia. Our study suggests that lipid profile and cytokines can be used in the evaluation of the severity of hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy, and oral nifedipine requires more study.

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