Selecting polychoric instrumental variables in confirmatory factor analysis: An alternative specification test and effects of instrumental variables

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The polychoric instrumental variable (PIV) approach is a recently proposed method to fit a confirmatory factor analysis model with ordinal data. In this paper, we first examine the small-sample properties of the specification tests for testing the validity of instrumental variables (IVs). Second, we investigate the effects of using different numbers of IVs. Our results show that specification tests derived for continuous data are extremely oversized at all sample sizes when applied to ordinal variables. Possible modifications for ordinal data are proposed in the present study. Simulation results show that the modified specification tests with all available IVs are able to detect model misspecification. In terms of estimation accuracy, the PIV approach where the IVs outnumber the endogenous variables by one produces a lower bias but a higher variation than the PIV approach with more IVs for correctly specified factor loadings at small samples.

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