Frostbite: Don't be left out in the cold

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CONSIDER THIS SCENARIO: On a bitter cold day, it's snowing heavily. The outside temperature is −5.6° C (22° F); the wind is blowing at 20 to 25 miles per hour. While a man, age 67, is driving home from the office, his car slides off a rural road into a snow-filled ditch. He's wearing a business suit, trench-style raincoat, and no gloves. After several unsuccessful attempts to dig out his car with ungloved hands, he tries to call a tow truck but can't get a cell phone signal. He decides to walk to a convenience store about 2 miles away. Slipping and falling frequently on the snow-covered road, he reaches the store more than an hour later and pulls the door open with difficulty. With help from the store clerk, he removes his frozen shoes and finds his feet as well as his hands are pale, waxy, and numb. Alarmed, he asks the clerk to call an ambulance. (See Auto safety kit for some items that would have helped in this scenario.
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