An industry update: the latest developments in therapeutic delivery.

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The present industry update covers the period 1 October-31 October 2017, with information sourced from company press releases, regulatory and patent agencies as well as scientific literature. While the corporate news in October was traditionally dominated by the announcement of the third quarter results, with most of them showing market and revenue growth but also an increasing number of initial public offerings after years of slower financial development, we also saw trends continuing toward an increasing number of convergences of drugs with nanotechnology, devices and 21st century information technology. Whether it is using E Ink's 'Smart Patch', AstraZeneca's autoinjector, Elektrofi's Elektroject suspensions or NanOlogy's NanoPac, there is an ever increasing number of combinations dof devices, drugs and applications reaching, more and more the clinic and the market. Controlled release is another feature increasingly addressed by many of the above innovations. For example, the drug-loaded x-ray imageable microscopic beads that have been developed by researchers at UCL Cancer Institute (London, UK) take this one step further in order to pursue local, controlled and in situ validated local delivery.

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