A Novel Hinged Scleral Patch Graft for the Repair of Overfiltration and Bleb Leaks

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The repair of the scleral flap is often needed in cases of severe hypotony or bleb leaks with overfiltration. We present a simple novel technique to restore the hinged flap using a scleral patch graft.

Materials and Methods:

We present 4 eyes of 4 patients who presented with hypotony [intraocular pressure(IOP) <6 mm Hg] from overfiltration secondary to loose scleral flap (2 eyes) and bleb leak (2 eyes). A scleral patch from a human donor, preserved in 95% ethanol, was cut in a trapezoidal shape and placed over the area of filtration after a conjunctival peritomy. The scleral graft was secured anteriorly with a single double-armed 9-0 nylon suture in a double-mattress manner so as to create a hinged flap. Permanent or releasable sutures were placed posteriorly to control aqueous outflow.


All 4 patients had complete resolution of hypotony and bleb leaks with increase in their IOP to early teens. All maintained aqueous flow posteriorly with preservation of bleb function.


Reestablishing the original anatomy of the hinged scleral flap can maintain bleb function without risk of overfiltration or loss of IOP control. This can be achieved through a simple repair using a scleral patch graft.

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