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We thank Dr. Iftikhar (1) for his comments on our article (2). We have revised the forest plot for ICU length of stay accordingly and have found that the mean ICU length of stay is now –1.25 (–2.60 to 0.10; p = 0.07) (Fig. 1). As stated in the data synthesis and statistical analysis section, two studies (3, 4) reporting ICU length of stay were not included in the analysis as they did not report the standard deviation of the outcome effect. One of the studies (3) had a significant p value, while the other did not (4). The finding of a nonsignificant trend toward decreased ICU stay should temper the conclusion of our study that patient- and family-centered care (PFCC) interventions reduce the length of critical care unit stay. We did not identify any studies in our review that reported increased critical care unit stays. Thus, PFCC interventions do not appear to affect the duration of critical care unit stay—either positively or negatively. The real benefit of PFCC interventions may not be in their impact on mortality or resource use, but rather in their ability to improve patient- and family-important outcomes, such as patient and family satisfaction, achievement of medical goals, and mental health sequelae.
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