Sleep disruption in caregivers of pediatric stem cell recipients

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Parents/caregivers of hospitalized patients are at risk of sleep disruption. We performed a cross-sectional quantitative and qualitative evaluation of sleep in parents/caregivers of children undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT; n = 17). Additionally, we explored the frequency of room entries for hospitalized patients undergoing HSCT (n = 189 nights). Twelve caregivers (71%) demonstrated significant sleep disturbance, 12 (71%) described sleep quality as poor, 15 (88%) averaged < 6 hours of sleep per night, 14 (82%) awakened at least four times per night. Patient rooms were entered a median of 12 times per night (interquartile range 10–15). Intervention studies to improve caregiver sleep during hospitalization are needed.

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