Pricks of Conscience: A needle-phobic patient’s experience of compassionate nursing care

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An oncology nurse’s warmth, humor, and compassionate care have helped even the odds in my wife’s decade-long battle with incurable cancer. Needle phobia and a complex chemotherapy regimen have made for a challenging course of treatment. However, working closely with us, my wife’s care team has given us back the control that can so easily ebb with remission and relapse.AT A GLANCEMy wife’s nursing team has brought personal presence—listening skills, authenticity, awareness, and compassion—to every clinical encounter, helping transform even the most difficult care situations into life-affirming experiences.This very personal and personalized care approach has enabled us to maintain a sense of control in the face of uncertainty, taking away the dread and bringing greater peace of mind.Because of this kindhearted care, my wife has found renewed strength and an enhanced capacity to reach out to her fellow patients and ease their burdens.

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