Foreword: Topics of Interest in General Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Specialists in general obstetrics and gynecology spend a substantial portion of their clinical time counselling patients in the outpatient setting about a variety of clinical issues. What may have inspired many of us to pursue a career in our specialty is indeed this variety, both in subject matter and procedural skill. In this symposium, we have asked a group of specialists to address some of the common subjects that, as obstetrician gynecologists, we routinely encounter in office practice. These articles focus on strategies for counseling patients and common questions they may have. To be effective women’s health care providers we must not only be equipped with knowledge, but also be capable of presenting it in a way that allows shared decision making with our patients. Moreover, we must aspire to provide care in a culturally competent fashion. To that end, this symposium contains an article addressing implicit bias. The authors provide tools we can use to educate ourselves and others about how to recognize this bias. Finally, many specialists in general obstetrics and gynecology practice act as both primary providers to women and as consultants to family physicians and mid-level practitioners. We work in teams in the office, in the operating room, and in labor and delivery. Thus, we have also included an article that can assist us in improving interactions of the health care team. The complexity of health care itself and the settings in which it is delivered are constantly challenging us to keep abreast of both discoveries that help our patients and techniques that improve our deliver care to them.
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