Potentiation Effects of the French Contrast Method on the Vertical Jumping Ability

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This study examined the acute effects of the potentiation protocol known as French Contrast Method on the vertical jumping ability measured by a countermovement jump (CMJ). 31 athletes participated in the study (intervention group n=17 and control group n=14). The CMJ height was measured using the IOS application MyJump App 2.0 pre- and post- the French Contrast protocol, which consisted of 3 sets of isometric partial squats, drop jumps, dynamic half-squats and hurdle jumps. The CMJ height improved from its baseline values by 5.1 ± 1.1% (p<0.001, ES=0.27) after the first set, by 6.8 ± 1.8% (p<0.001, ES=0.41) after the second set and by 8.5 ± 2.9% (p<0.001, ES=0.44) after the third set. The maximal potentiation value was an increase of 11 ± 6.3% (p<0.001). The control group decreased its CMJ height from the baseline levels, reaching a significant decrement of -2.1 ± 1.6% (p=0.047). These findings suggest that the French Contrast Method is a valid strategy to improve the vertical jumping ability. This method can be used after the warm-up as a conditioning activity to acutely enhance the lower body's force and power production.

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