Celebrating 45 Years of American Audiology Society Excellence: Memoirs of a Founder

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Editor’s Note: As a member of AAS for more than 30 years, and having lived through much of its activities and development, and in view of the 45th anniversary of the American Auditory Society (2017), I thought it fitting to document the origins and early history of the Society. This, along with the many informal conversations I have had with Ross Roeser, one of the founders of AAS and a key player in the early and mid years of the Society, made him the perfect person to write such a document (Fig. 1). I asked him to recall his memories of how AAS began, the successes and struggles of the early years, and how the foundation was laid for what the AAS is today. Along with these memories, Dr. Roeser has provided digital copies of the early executive committee and editorial board minutes of the Society, as well as all of the issues of the early AAS newsletter, Corti’s Organ. I hope readers will enjoy this brief history and find the time to peruse the supplemental materials that accompany it.
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