Dependence of Scan Parameters on Nerve Fiber Crossing Depiction in Diffusion Spectrum Imaging in Clinical Practice

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The objective of this study was to show the effect of the number of sampling points (NS) and the maximum b value (bmax) on fiber crossing detection in diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) in clinical practice.


We performed 3-Tesla DSI in which we changed the NS (62–258) while keeping bmax at 8000 s/mm2 and in which we changed the bmax (4000–8000 s/mm2) while keeping the NS at 129. The superior longitudinal fasciculus volume and the proportion of nerve voxels in which at least 2 (Rcr2) or 3 (Rcr3) nerve fiber bundles crossed were calculated.


When bmax was set to 8000 s/mm2, mean Rcr2 and Rcr3 values and superior longitudinal fasciculus volumes significantly increased with higher NSs, but they did not significantly change when we varied bmax with 129 NS.


Depiction sensitivity of nerve fiber crossing in DSI improves at higher NS and bmax settings, but a bmax insensitivity appears at an intermediate NS such as 129.

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