Introducing the PRS Video Vignette Masters Series

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery presents a dynamic, peer-reviewed Masters Series of video vignettes and articles. The video vignettes, each approximately 2 to 3 minutes in length, contain the key surgical and technical elements to obtain consistent results in a variety of plastic surgery procedures, demonstrated by the innovators or masters in these areas.
Each Masters Series video vignette article is accompanied by fewer than 10 bullet points summarizing the key elements in treatment planning and technical execution, as well as a list of classic references. These very compact, thorough, and educational vignettes will allow for rapid reference of procedures done by masters in plastic surgery.
The first video vignette in this series appears in this issue’s Cosmetic section, featuring a video from the Baker Gordon Symposium. In the initial entry, Dr. Constantino Mendieta demonstrates his personal technique for gluteal augmentation. The video demonstration is divided into three parts:
We hope you enjoy this new addition to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as we enter a new era in medical publishing: immediately usable, technique-based, peer-reviewed, educational videos and short articles. Our hope is that the PRS Video Vignette Masters Series (Fig. 1) will inspire others to submit their short, high-quality videos to all sections of the Journal, and that readers will be able to take the educational techniques into clinical and operative consideration. Read the article and watch all videos on
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