Management of Multiple Miliary Osteoma Cutis

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Background.Multiple miliary osteoma cutis of the face is a variant of osteoma cutis that usually occurs in women with a previous history of acne vulgaris.Objective.To effectively treat cosmetically objectionable lesions of multiple miliary facial osteomas.Methods.We report a patient with multiple miliary osteoma cutis, without a previous history of acne vulgaris, and the results of treatment of these lesions with curettage and the carbon dioxide continuous-wave laser.Results.The patient had an excellent cosmetic outcome with minimal scarring and faint hypopigmentation after 3 treatment sessions.Conclusion.Surgical ablative therapy remains the treatment of choice for patients with this condition, and the use of curettage and carbon dioxide laser ablation provided excellent results for our patient. To our knowledge, this approach to treatment has not been previously described.

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