Vincristine-induced allodynia in the rat

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The aims of this study were two-fold: first, to simplify the method for creating a recently described neuropathic pain model in the rat, and second, to evaluate the effects of a number of drugs with analgesic or antihyperalgesic properties, in this model. Continuous intravenous vincristine infusion (1–100 μg kg−1 day −1) for 14 days resulted in a dose dependent tactile allodynia (as measured by von Frey filaments) by 7 days at doses between 30 – 100μg kg−1 day −1, with a hindlimb motor deficit observed at doses greater than 50 μg kg−1 day −1. No thermal hyperalgesia was observed. Systemic morphine, lidocaine, mexiletine and pregabalin (given intraperitoneally) produced significant reduction of the allodynia, while tetrodotoxin was without effect. Continuous intravenous infusion of vincristine in rats thus provides a reliable model of chemotherapy induced neuropathy which may be used in defining the mechanism and pharmacology of this clinically relevant condition.

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