Long-Term Longitudinal Study on the Relationship Between Alternating Shift Work and the Onset of Diabetes Mellitus in Male Japanese Workers

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Objective:This study investigated the effect of alternating shift work (ASW) on the onset of diabetes mellitus in Japanese workers compared with onset in day-shift work (DSW).Methods:A longitudinal study was carried out on a DSW group (n = 3203) and ASW group (n = 2426) of a steel company who received their annual health checkups over a 10-year period between 1991 and 2001. The association between job schedule type and onset of diabetes mellitus (glycated hemoglobin A1c ≥6.0% or medication) was investigated by multivariate pooled logistic regression analyses.Results:The odds ratio (95% confidence interval) for the development of diabetes mellitus in the ASW group compared with the DSW group was 1.35 (1.05–1.75).Conclusions:Our study revealed that the ASW is an independent risk factor for the onset of diabetes mellitus.

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